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About Us

Krista Kleaners 

Residential and Commercial  Cleaning Services

Serving the Rochester, NY Area


We clean so you don't have to. Krista Kleaners is a full service cleaning company specializing in residential and commercial cleaning.  Weather you're a busy professional, a relaxed retiree or just don't have the time or desire to clean any more, Krista Kleaners can help!

Krista Kleaners offers our clientele a top notch, satisfaction guaranteed cleaning program.  We service both residential and commercial locations. 




“I wouldn't want to hire any one else to clean my home or office. When people come over to my house, they can't believe how clean it is. I get the same person 90% of the time and Krista Kleaners is much better than the big name cleaning companies.”


Paul M, Chili NY

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